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At Meaningful Milestones, our motto is “each one, reach one.” Our

philosophy for Early-Childhood Education is one that fosters the individual needs of each child enrolled. We are focused on providing families high-quality education based on a research-driven curriculum taught by licensed and certified teachers who specialize in early learning and child development. We believe that childcare should integrate the child, family and community providing a meaningful experience.


Meaningful Milestones was designed to steer away from the one size fits all curriculum and teaching we often see in early childhood education. We understand that children develop differently and are unique in their growth, learning, and attitudes. Here we are accommodating to those differences that make your little one unique through our differentiated learning practices. Meaningful Milestones brings to life the foundations of old school theologies with a new age twist. Understanding the importance of team building, effective teaching strategies and the role of the parent, Meaningful Milestones opens the learning up to the children we seek to motivate and inspire each day. Giving a voice to the voiceless (our infants), supporting the curiosity of our toddlers, and encouraging the creativity of our preschoolers, we are childcare with purpose!

Our Story


The philosophy of our program is to ensure each child reaches their full potential. We seek to foster the individual needs of each child to create a culturally responsive environment.  This means encouraging children to be active and creative explorers, who are not afraid to try out their own ideas and to think their own thoughts. We strive to help children become independent, self confident, inquisitive learners. The backbone of our philosophy enhances the development of the whole child, while exploring their individual uniquenesses. Through this, we set the foundation for a future of success.

Our Misson

Our Team

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Jimia Walker

Owner and Executive Director


Mia Spingola

Brand Development Coordinator

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