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Jan 12th: 6-9pm

Feb 11th: 3-6pm

March 23rd: 6-9pm

April 15th: 3-6pm

May 18th: 6-9pm

June 23rd: 6-9pm

July 15th: 3-6pm

Aug 17th: 6-9pm

Sept 28th: 6-9pm

Oct 26th: 6-9pm

Nov 16th: 6-9pm

Dec 22nd: 6-9pm


School Closures

January 2nd: 4pm early dismissal

January 16th: MLK day 

February 6th: 4pm early dismissal 

February 20th: president's day 

March 6th: 4pm early dismissal 

April 3rd: 4pm early dismissal 

April 21st: professional development day

May 1st: 4pm early dismissal 

May 29th: Memorial Day 

June 5th: 4pm early dismissal

June 16th: school improvement day

July 4th: Independence Day
July 3rd: 4pm early dismissal 

August 7th: 4pm early dismissal 

August 25th: school improvement day, closed. 

September 4th: Labor Day 

September 11: 4pm early dismissal 

October 2nd: 4pm early dismissal 

October 9th: Indigenous people's day 

October 20th: professional development day 

November 6th: 4pm early dismissal 

November 10th: veteran's day 

November 23-24th: thanksgiving break 

December 4th: 4pm early dismissal 

December 25th-January 2nd: holiday break 

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