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An ongoing assessment that assists each child to meet their milestones

Research Based Curriculum

Meaningful Milestones understands that children do not live alone. We recognize the individual uniqueness of all enrolled, so gone are the days that "one size fits all". Planning for children should be based on EACH child's needs so that each is able to REACH their full potential.


Our curriculum is based on scientifically-researched information that reflects the age, culture, linguistically appropriate skills, and developmental stages of the children in our program. Through creating meaningful learning experiences, observing and reflection, children get the most from their learning. While books, guides, and the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards are powerful resources that assist our educators with planning, learning needs to be personalized to each individual. Therefore, our curriculum goes even further and decisions come from three sources: the children’s interests, their families’ background, and the teachers or adults with whom they interact.


Developmentally Appropriate Practices

Developmentally appropriate practices fosters realistic and timely growth. We build lessons around the child's needs AND interest. Research has shown that when children are active learners, the learning outcomes are heightened for success. Teachers are creative in planning and use ongoing assessments to differentiate lessons. Through creating meaningful learning experiences, observing and reflection, children get the most from their learning.


Parents as Teachers

We see parents as teachers. We understand that parents are truly the child's first teachers’ so we seek to educate our parents and provide them unlimited resources on best practices. With an emergent curriculum added (Parents as Teachers/Partners), we provide support, training and workshops for parents’ so they are better equipped to help their little ones at home. We strive to understand the importance of establishing positive home-school connections which is the driving force of our program.


Licensed & Insured Instructors

Our staff is dedicated to the success of your child. They are passionate about creating a safe and nurturing environment that encourages growth. But above all, they are warm and genuinely excited to see the kids every day. Each staff member is required to adhere to state childcare regulations, including first AID/CPR, SIDS, SBS,Mandated Reporter certified. In addition, they have completed a minimum of 15 hours each year in Professional Development as required by DCFS.


Daily Reporting

An innovative solution to the busy life of a working parent. We understand how hard it is to be away from your child for the day. Through the SmartCare app, you will receive updates and pictures throughout the day and be able to contact us with any comments or concerns. In addition, this app makes checking in and payments hassle free so you can spend more time with your child.

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