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Meaningful Milestones Preschool Program might be the right fit for your family if you want your child to: 

  • Be met for their individual needs that encompasses the WHOLE child.

  • Thrive in an anti-bias curriculum that implements culturally responsive teaching strategies. 

  • Master the skills necessary for Kindergarten readiness (and life!) with the guidance of passionate, experienced, and endorsed teachers.

  • Build their social/emotional awareness and cognitive exploration through intentional interactions.

  • Generate nutritional strength and energy from fresh, organic meals for tons of time spent in the outdoors.

  • Flourish in a multicultural, nurturing, creative, and playful environment!

The philosophy of our program is to ensure each child reaches their full potential. We seek to foster the individual needs of each child to create a culturally responsive environment.  This means encouraging children to be active and creative explorers, who are not afraid to try out their own ideas and to think their own thoughts.

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Why our families call Meaningful Milestones a “little slice of heaven”

  • Small, intimate class settings for a deeper connection with peers and teachers.

  • Community based programming that supports, uplifts, and goes right back into our community.

  • Black owned business. Women owned business. Small business. 

  • Emphasis on exploration, mindfulness, movement, literacy, music, and healthy eating.

  • Diverse body of staff and students that drives the multicultural education.

  • App that gives parents updates to stay in touch during the day.

  • A support system for the modern day family that has spent the last year trying to be a tutor, chef, teacher, counselor, and employee during a pandemic.

  • Equal access to quality education through Illinois Action for Children.


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