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☀️Summercamp 2022 ☀️


June 20th to August 19th

9 weeks total


Enrolled families

  • Ages 9 months- 2 years old (Infant 2, Toddler 1, and Toddler 2)
  • Will attend only on site events
  • Check our schedule for details of each event! 



  • One time payment of $40
  • Summercamp onsite fees
    • Includes food, costs of event materials, and entertainment



July 8th: BBQ/Field Day

July 11th: “Beach Day”

July 21st: Cupcake Wars

July 29th: Ice Cream Social

August 12th: Magic Show

August 19th: CSA Movie Party 



We are unable to give refunds or withdrawls from Summercamp 2022.

Summercamp: 9 months-2 years enrolled families

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